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Damon speaks regularly on radio as a guest or expert commentator, talking about philosophy, literature, and other big ideas. He has been a regular guest on ABC Radio National's popular 'Life Matters' program, hosting the popular "Philosophy Espresso" series. He has also appeared on ABC and commercial television. You can listen to/watch a selection of his appearances below.

The philosophy of sword fighting, ABC Hobart, 31/12/21.

On philosophy and sex, Life Matters, Radio National, 3/2/21.

Philosophy Espresso 2 (11-part series), Life Matters, Radio National, 13/5/20-15-7-20.

Philosophy Espresso (11-part series), Life Matters, Radio National, 3/10/18-11/12/18.

Summer reading, ABC RN Breakfast, 5/1/17.

Philosophy in the Garden, Gardening Australia, ABC TV, 27/8/16.

The Art of Reading, 'Books and Arts', ABC Radio National, 22/4/16.

Exercise and the mindBrian Lehrer Show, WNYC, New York, United States, 31/7/15.

Meaning and freedom, HUMAN TV (Netherlands), 21/4/14.

My Nanna is a Ninja and children's literature, Books and Arts Daily, Radio National, 30/3/14.

Philosophical running, The Body Sphere, ABC Radio National, 14/7/13.

Philosophy in the Garden, Romanticism, childhood and philosophy, Midday with Margaret Throsby, ABC Classic FM, 27/6/13.

Star Trek and philosophy, Books and Arts Daily, ABC Radio National, 18/12/12. 

Gardens and philosophy, Late Night Live, ABC Radio National, 4/12/12. 

Martial arts and philosophy, The Philosopher's Zone, ABC Radio National, 19/2/12.

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