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From Batman to leather armour

In early May I was in my old home town Melbourne, for Jewish Book Week. It was a full house in the town hall, and I gave my extremely serious talk: 'The World According to Batman'. It began like this:

"Aristotle said death was the most frightening thing. Aristotle had not met Batman."

As you can see below, I looked very sober and sombre--until I tore open my coat to reveal my bright Batman t-shirt.

I also visited several high schools to talk about distraction, gave a workshop on My Mum is a Magician, and signed books across Melbourne's shops. (Yes, I had a beard. No, I won't again for some years.)

Back in Hobart last month, I visited Fullers to entertain the kids. We did a quiz, drawing lesson, and a reading of My Mum is a Magician. In the photo below, I'm shouting "Geronimo!" As one does.

I also spoke to ABC Hobart about My Mum is a Magician, and detailed our recent storm damage.

Aside from these events, I've been writing: two novels (one for adults, one for children), a philosophy series for ABC Radio National, proposals for three new nonfiction books, and my sixth picture book.

Next month I'm off to Edinburgh International Book Festival, and a tour of Scottish and English bookshops for The Art of Reading. Later in the year I'll be travelling nationally for a school tour and philosophy conference.

Oh, and I just added the cover of the Chinese translation of How to Think About Exercise.

Finally, I have to show off my most recent swordfighting purchase: a demi-gauntlet (a glove with wrist armour), which fits over my vambrace (forearm armour). This stops my fingers, wrist, forearm and elbow from being damaged during bouts.

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