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My 2017

For much of 2017 I was writing. Even more than usual.

Which is another way of saying: I was less visible. Family life juggled away, politics fumed and spat, and I arranged and rearranged glyphs.

Still, a few nice writerly things happened. Here are some of them.

The UK edition of The Art of Reading was released: in a special signed edition for Independent Bookshop Week, then generally a few months later. It's sexy and has a ribbon bookmark.

And here's The Art of Reading, under the arm of the French President, Emmanuel Macron.

My Brother is a Beast was released: my fourth children's book. GREEN COVER. AGAIN.

My Sister is a Superhero won the ABIA children's book of the year, for small publishers.

I did some gigs at the Perth Writers Festival, including one on The Art of Reading (with Jane Smiley and Alberto Manguel). Here I am, holding forth.

The whole family tripped from Melbourne to Hobart, and Ruth and I did some gigs at Fuller's books. This was our reconnaissance mission for the big Hobart invasion (more later). Here I am, reading My Brother is a Beast to the kids.

I read my Men's Rights Activist Batman story at The Wheeler Centre. (One day it might be on video.)

My first children's novel was commissioned by UQP.

I collaborated with fashion designed Rioko Tega to create a philosopher's jacket: a functional, elegant coat (with a hood) that holds all of my writing stuff. Her works with Julie Koh are magnificent.

I also wrote two new children's picture books (one of which is coming out next year), a genre novel for adults, a couple of book chapters, and a bunch of essays for magazines and newspapers.

There were more gigs for the School of Life, Wheeler Centre, and other mobs, but that's enough. They're all here.

The really important thing: we moved to Hobart. Finally, after over a decade of procrastinating. I ADORE IT. (If you're interested, Ruth and I have written about moving for Island magazine, out now.)

Looking forward to more writing, speaking, ambling and noshing here next year.

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