Philosophy Espresso

In 2018, I wrote and recorded a new series of philosophy programs for ABC Radio National: "Philosophy Espresso". It aired weekly on the popular Life Matters, and covered everything from the nature of philosophy itself, to video games, to love. You can now listen to the full series here. Listen out for the second series next year.

Why are swords still a thing?

After five millennia, why are swords still so enchanting? I attempt to answer this question in the latest issue of Meanjin magazine, out now. To read the full essay, do buy Meanjin 77 4 in all good bookshops or newsagents, or subscribe here. ‘Talk is for lovers, Merlin. I need the sword to be king.’ – Uther, in Excalibur Wednesday night in Hobart. I shave with a Wilkinson Sword razor, then say goodbye to my daughter. She’s on a beanbag watching Suicide Squad, which features a possessed samurai sword in a supporting role. My son and I take an Uber, and hanging from the Hyundai’s rear vision mirror is a Sikh symbol: a double-edged straight sword, or khanda, alongside two smaller curved swords.

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